Thursday, 12 May 2011


A week it has been
And now im feeling so weak
A day in the daily fray
Take me back I beg the words you will say
Cut off like an infected limb
The reality is true but its horribly grim
Left behind I stand solitary and alone..
And this is how it goes with the voice of deafening tone
I hear the words that were said fade into nothing,theyr gone
And now this is how I say everything is fallen apart and is wrong
I fucked shit up badly,like a picture with paint splashed over
But this is my testament,burning from my horrific crash
Ripped apart and the pieces are gone with the wind
Forgive me please I know I have sinned
Im hanging off this cliff.its a long way down
And as I lose my grip I slowly start to drown
That time seems so distant..what the fuck happened?
I im not like anyone infact im completely different
Sit where you one comforted was cold and I was lost
To the side unwanted,to the peripheral,I am tossed
Breathing heavily I have run so far,
Pulling in hot smoke and inhaling that tar
I walk on and see your face,but its not you
You are gone completely,without a trace
Crossed the line that I drew in the first place
Failing to maintain the “nothing is wrong” face
Driving you away into the sunset..gone and not coming back
Watch as my eyes are turning from brown to black

Shudder at the realization the found missing piece,is now gone once more
This life and this everyday bullshit is what I abhor
 Cryogenically frozen inside.colder than the freezer in which you reside
Understood once.but now gone and not coming back for good
You let me go but im still in your grip
My heart felt whole but now its all ripped
Cold metallic malice in my mouth,if I do die,im going down south
Venom in my words I seem to hold true
I misplaced it wrongly,it was let out on you
I still hold you dear even though to you im not even near
If I called out your name you wont even hear
Wake from the nightmare but enter a different one
Without you life is a sad and hopless song
I slipped.i’ve fallen,in your name I lie dead

Nobody answers the call and I lie here alone on my bed

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