Thursday, 12 May 2011

The Realisation Of Loneliness

Sink to the floor at the sight I have seen
Incomprehensible loneliness and grievous loss
Feeling numb and completely crushed
I am broken again and cant pick up the pieces
Remnants of a fragile existence
I try to pick up the shards but in turn my fingers are cut
I look down at my hands,
The limbs with which I cant seem to grasp anything dear
I pick up my markers and walk out the door
Because I simply cant carry on living,
Like this anymore.

This wind that is blowing is cutting and cold
And I am alone,again,broken and in dispair.
Saline drops begin to fall from my cheek
My eyes are lifeless and I’m cold and weak
Bombarded with despair,I must escape
When such a feeling strikes,dark thoughts speak
Saying “overdose on your pills and fall to sleep
You will not wake up and you’ll have your release
Just swallow those pills and rest in peace.”
Once more I shake the thought from my mind
I mission on,and it seems that to my anguish,
The world is blind

A car pulls up behind me,
“Are you ok son?” asks the driver worriedly
A teardrop falls from my eyes and I say
“don’t worry im tired but I’ll be alright”
Usually my markers free me of my bleak emotions
But for some reason its not working tonight
I put in my headphones and turn up my music loud
A melancholy tune begins to play
And with every word I can completely relate
I have walked too far and I contemplate not going back
But I turn around..and begin to drag myself home

I enter the house its dead and quiet,
For a house isn’t a home unless thers joy inside it
This seems all to familiar and i know why
This is me inside and the reason I cry.
A lack of sleep brings the realization of obsoletion,
I watch as the sun rises with its bright gleaming light
But in this instance its still dark as night and im lost within and cold
I get up from my bed and look in the mirror
Its rather strange when you don’t recognize the lifeless figure looking back at you
but the cold harsh reality strikes me hard

Obsolete and alone

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