Thursday, 12 May 2011

Say Goodnight To The Skellitons and Close The Closet

Scroll down through life and bring up the menu
Whats to be served cuts like a knife,
Tonight loneliness is eating me alive
Deleted,depleted,no chances left to spend
My battery is low and I am nearing my end
The sound this scene presents itself as a rigid metal melody,
I romance the thoughts of revival,even though chivalry is dead
The bursting anguish within is clouding my head
Sitting in class there in body but not present at all
Like I’ve lost my grip and have begun to fall
Squeak and stop and be brought to a halt,
Its too long to wait,im driving 90 without a seatbelt
But I reach my destination the car is parked and still
Open the glove compartment,it contains a gun with which to kill
Staring into the air and focused on nothing but bullshit

The ground is blackened and the grass is dried
That’s the very spot where one sat down and cried
My eyes are wide shut,my arms are wide open
Brittle and fragile,dropped and now broken
My head is aching and my heart isn’t breaking
It was broken with the wakening,
Take the shattered fragments,take them as a token
Because I always seem to be completely outspoken
Raise your tone to me,set me loose and let me be free
Cos right now there’s darkness as far as my eyes can see
A two stanza poem,for now,is all im gonna write,
Because at this moment im tired and wanna say goodnight
So goodnight to you all,I hope you dream sweet

While to the darkness of my bed,I'm now going to retreat.

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