Sunday, 15 May 2011

Frosted Fragments Of Ice Swirling In A Snow Storm From Hell

Frosted fragments of ice swirling in a snowstorm from hell

Don’t you know,how I miss you so very much
All ties have been severed and we’re out of touch
I miss the way the smile was raised to my face
But now you’re gone without a single trace
I would write your name amongst the starry sky
Just imagine you looking up and staring starry eyed
Cross through the path of the ones walked before
The way im nostalgic keeps me cut up and sore
Its unthinkable to think things fell apart so badly
Despite all the one-way-ness of this I still love you madly

The few that are left ask me whats going on
I just shortly tell them everything is  wrong
Like an exam paper with nothing but a name
Its like every page is blank and empty and all the same
Im empty and struck all over with red incorrections
I wish I could fix and amend our severed connections
I cant focus,I cant seem to get a grip
Its how I feel cos I let something so valuable slip           
Scream your name into the darkness,it doesn’t make a sound
Into a small vial of deadly dark liquid my sadness compounds
Volatile,dropped,contaminating the air
Nobody tells you that life will ever be fair

Im grinding my teeth and my head’s starting to ache
Don’t think the severity of this I am trying to fake
Crossing my mind like a busy central town intersection
The way sadness has a hold on me is like a deathly infection
So I stare at a razor,in the light it gleams
Because its so sterile and perfectly clean
I think maybe it will fix for a while
It will put me back in without a faint trace of a smile,
Keeping hope,staying true with the days that just pass
Like a kid at a toyshop staring hopefully through the glass
Like a shadowy figure,across the landscape I walk
People point at me and slyly derogatorily talk

Why haven’t you handed it in,you said it was complete
I hang down my chin and look down to my feet
They have taken me on many a journey, to lands far away
Encased in a crypt of sadness I lie here and I stay
Subtle hints here and there from the mind of a trouble child
Don’t tell me that my troubles make yours seem mild
I’m not competing,if you think so you’re stupid and dumb
Like pink,I lie in my chair,but I’m uncomfortably numb
The outro begins and the sound slowly nullifies
With each verbal blow all he can do is just sigh
The pen speaks freely and the paper just listens
Diamonds are shiny,but blood also glistens
Last in line,and they’re all sold out on life

With my poetry to you,I tell of my strife.

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  1. There is something so raw in your work that coddles me in a way, as such I have awarded you the Liebster Award copy and paste the http below to see what it is about.