Thursday, 12 May 2011

Distorted Cinema Of Life

They say,keep your chin up it will all be okay
How do you keep your head held high,
When you feel like the weight of the world,
Is on your shoulders? Cold, numb and in disarray
Life flashes before my eyes.the flash is blinding
Yet I don’t see the happiness.trudge on and stumble
Yet get back up again.put on the mask of conformity
And carry on. Shaken, I stop and drop to my knees
If this is the life..i don’t know why it feels so good
Put a 9m slug in my right temple.

I shake the thought from my mind.
Yet it still screams its harshness from the background
 I wont lose. Refuse to accept defeat. It will not win
But for some reason neither can i.
I stop for a moment and glance over my shoulder
I see all the people that are left behind.
Or are they the ones that don’t care and are leaving me?
I light up a cigarette. Pull that smoke in deeply
Thinking of all the regret and what I’ve let slip
I am too nostalgic for my own good.

Watching each day fly past,
Like watching a filmstrip project a sad movie
Don’t sit down for one single minute and watch
It’s the drag you down factor.the boy is lonely
Where are the people that supposedly care.i want
To leave this cinema.but there is no escape.
The doors are trapped..falling asleep in
The cinema is not a wise might not wake.
I don’t need this.the cinema ticket cost so much
There is no refund.i also notice I am the only one sitting here
The cinema is empty.

And yet again I feel obsolete

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