Thursday, 12 May 2011

Flickering Flame

The flickering flame casts a shadow
Yet it sheds light too,
Left in the dark with no light source but you,
The flame got snuffed and the lights went out
Thirsty for acceptance but stuck in a drought
Let the hot wax drip,it is hot to be felt
A major burn I guess I was dealt
Feel the warmth or get burnt for being wreckless
Im wearing this agony like a cursed locket necklace
Take a cigarette lit off the flame and flick the ash
Discarded.i am a vial piece of trash

Not a day goes by where I forget of that feeling
The way I got burnt has now left me seething
I was warned the flame was blistering hot
But cold brittle wax whats left I have got
I want the light to come back,I want the wick to burn
For the warmth and its presence it shed,everyday I yearn
Have you heard about the matchsticks?
They are brittle and weak,
They are useless and faulty and their mind,they don’t speak
Cold and liquefied,have you got ignition for me?
The spark I have isn’t enough,can you not see?

My candle Has broken,the string wick is blackened
It can serve one more purpose though,I’ll tie up some loose ends
Because it seems just impossible to make true amends
From my side I ignite,but it all comes to nothing,
It ends in a fight
So it seems I will snuff out the burning string
I’ll just go to sleep,with the thought of the candle in my dreams
That’s all that can stay true.the ignition is me..

And the Candle Is You..

1 comment:

  1. I really like your poetry, you have a raw talent to you. And those drawings, were they yours, or original work? Because I absolutely fell in love with them, the rough stroke of the led, the deep and the light shadows of it. It was stunning!
    I would really value what you thought of my poetry, a lot of it is semi-dark like yours, always bitter sweet, and never really lightly playful.