Wednesday, 11 May 2011

First Post For this thing

Im Deciding to Kick This blog off with a poem i wrote just over a month ago,

Journey Through The Dark

A chilly wind cuts right though me
I stand still for a moment and look down the lonely street
i stand there shaking, this wind is so cold.
I open my mouth for a moment about to let out a cry of anguish
But I just close it,I trudge on. Nobody would hear me

Not even if I pleaded my cry from the highest rooftop

I walk through the park..its quiet and dead.
Not a single child laughing or lovers sitting on the bench
I sit on the swing.. and it rocks back and forth slightly
I clutch the chains beside me and I hang my head and
Look at my feet,I look up to the skies,
But even the moon looks down upon me,

The clouds come in and its light is dimmed

I start walking again,and as I walk past I stop at a scribble
Of graffiti I run my hand over it. the wall is cold and society
Sees it as an eyesore. I once walked with him and we would
Help each other out when in need.all that I see of him these days is
The mindless scribbles left from our missions.

But even graffiti is not ever lasting... it will disappear in the end

The thunder cracks and rain drops begin to fall down upon me
I am not fazed…I’m so frigidly cold I doubt it would make a difference
The night sky lights up here and there with a flash of lightning
I walk past an unfortunate man, sleeping under the shelter of a shop front
He is suffering just for want of a piece of bread and a place to sleep
I sympathize I dig in my pockets to reach for a coin to give

But they’re empty and capacious doubt they’d be filled once more

I begin to make my way home, the rain has stopped..
Yet the clouds are dense and the moon cannot break through
I walk home and stagger over a pothole. my shoes get soaked
My feet begin to pain yet I trudge on once more. water falls from my cheeks
But it is not the remnants of the rain... as each one falls to the floor I weaken
I enter the gate. And walk straight to my room. I’m home… I sit down in the corner

Tears once more fall from my cheeks, as I pass my time, alone.

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